Kent Brewery (UK) was established in 2011 with a clear target—to make ever more interesting and tasty beers and take Kent in a new direction. Kent beers are different, never bland, never normal and show how much more can be achieved from the art and craft of brewing. In 2015 Kent Brewery decided to start bottling their beers and asked me to help them radically redesign their original rather old-fashioned look.
     I developed a dynamic system of shapes that represent the very basic ingredients of every beer—water, malt, hop and yeast. By rotating, cloning, scaling and mixing these colourful shapes I generate a great amount of unique patterns which all share same characteristics. Also, thanks to the 5-colours combination they are quite difficult to mix up so they provide proper differentiation within the whole series of 15+ beers.
     The design conversion has already begun and you can now taste the most colourful craft beer ever in craft beer pubs in London, Brighton and around Kent. Cheers!

Role: Concept, Graphic design, Illustration
Year: 2016

Picture Showing All Kent Brewery BeersPicture Showing All Kent Brewery Beers